Turn your microscope into a digital slide scanner

Get all the benefits of digital pathology inside your existing microscope!

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Key Benefits

Welcome to the new era of microscope imaging. The adapter allows to connect the phone to the eyepiece of a microscope and digitize your workflow


Digital Scans

Improve your lab workflow with the novel adapter. No longer need to store physical slides, because everything is digitized


Celly.AI infrastructure

With the adapter, you get access to the Celly AI-driven diagnostics and secured cloud platform



Now you can share images and collaborate when making a diagnosis to get better clinical outcomes

Easy to attach

No special tool is required. With a simple attaching case, you can seamlessly connect your phone to the microscope

The optical system specifically designed for iPhone

The novel optical adapter is specifically designed to optimize both iPhone rear camera and microscope.
The adapter enables high-quality microscope imaging with minimal aberration and distortion.

Create WSI

High-quality compound lens system specifically designed for an iPhone minimizes lens aberration as well as light contrast between the center and peripheral area. Bright and high resolving lenses bring out the full performance of the phone camera.

Compatible with various microscopes

The adapter is compatible with microscopes with an eyepiece diameter of 23.2 mm or 30.0 mm (standard size for the most microscopes). Fits all Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica and other common microscope brands

Live Remote Sharing

Share your microscope views in real-time for remote pathology consults, and educational demonstrations.


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LabCam Pro set

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The adapter is a microscope accessory and is not intended for any diagnostic purpose