AI-driven hematological microscopy

A revolutionary technology based on the advance of computer vision and machine learning!

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Why Us?

Celly.AI is a smart and cost-effective solution for AI-driven microscopy. It counts cells and detects pathologies by the means of AI. The analysis starts by capturing images of smear slides with an iPhone mounted on the eyepiece of a microscope. The cell morphology is analyzed by neural networks, trained on the combined wisdom and experience of the best professional pathologists.


Greater speed

Celly.AI helps pathologists quickly identify types of cells. Our AI instantly provides accurate differential cell counts and alerts if any abnormalities are found. The machine does not get tired and guarantees a certain quality regardless of where it was deployed.


Higher quality

You get access to a second opinion based on the experience of professional pathologists embedded in our neural networks. AI extracts and works with millions of latent features from the imagery, which is impossible for human experts.


Ultimate efficiency

Get a competitive advantage! High accuracy improves diagnoses, helps recognize rare pathologies and allows on time treatment. Convenient digital reports allow physicians to make the right decisions quickly, saving time and money.

How to Use

Celly.AI solution is extremely easy to implement and use. Get all the benefits of digital pathology inside your existing microscope

Install the app on iPhone

Install free Celly.AI app on your iPhone with this link

Connect iPhone to a microscope

Connect your iPhone to the eyepiece of a microscope with the special adapter

Sign Up

Sign up on Celly.AI website for the convenient report view

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Main Features

We help hematology labs reduce costs and enhance workflow efficiency by the means of AI


Cell counting

Celly.AI identifies and counts RBC, WBC, PLT in the smear and generates a user-friendly report



AI instantly detects immature, malaria-infected, and other pathological cells and warns the technician


LIMS integration

Our system can be easily integrated into the lab workflow through a simple and flexible API


Cloud storage

All your smears are now digitized, securely stored in the cloud and can be used for telepathology

Unique data purification technology for neural networks training

(Left) A “map” of the microarray with numbers indicating spots of IgG against corresponding CD antigens; mIgG indicates the negative control; (middle left) the whole microarray with captured normal PBMC after May-Grünwald-Giemsa staining; (middle right and right) the anti-CD45-bound normal PBMC at different magnifications.

We use anti-CD antibody microarray sorting technology that allows to purify training data and leads to the highest accuracy of our deep learning models. Read more about the microarray technology in our Nature article.

Easy to connect

With the novel optical adapter, you can seamlessly connect your iPhone with the Celly.AI application to an existing microscope and get all the benefits of AI and digital pathology.

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Our Team

Our mission is to transform the quality, accessibility, and affordability of laboratory diagnostics


Ansar Zhalyalov


PhD in medical physics, more than 7 years of management and business dev. experience in IT and Healthcare


Muammar Al‑Shedivat


Ex-software architect at Facebook, previously technical lead at Yandex Speech Recognition department. Python guru


Maruan Al‑Shedivat

Chief Data Scientist

PhD student at CMU, worked on deep and reinforcement learning research at OpenAI and Google AI, h-index 12+


Sofya Kuznetsova

Head of Pathology

PhD, Academic Secretary of the Higher School of Molecular Medicine of the National Center for Hematology, h-index 7+

Join the AI-microscopy revolution


This technology will forever change the way we work in clinical laboratories. AI is the way of the future.

-Eric Penney, Director Of Operations at Nationwide Laboratory Services

This is a very innovative and helpful solution, especially for clinicians in resource-limited laboratories.

-Prof. Momin Siddiqui, Director & Chief of Cytopathology at Weill Cornell Medicine

Celly.AI is a big step towards the standardization of laboratory diagnostics.

-Kathy Jo Knight, Laboratory Administrative Director at Mesa View Regional Hospital

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